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Hard Nap

So usually on Sundays, Myke and I revert back to our toddler/college ways and take naps because we get up so early all week and Sundays that our bodies just need to rest. Well this morning was a rough morning for me because I woke up to 2 muscle spasms in my body. I have never experience these until recently and now I’m like terrified of them. Well this morning my body woke me up at 5 with one and 6:30 (when I usually get up) with another one…needless to say I wasn’t the most sunshine filled person when I got out of bed.
After lunch Myke and I came home and watched some South Park and then we fell asleep. We always set and alarm just to be safe cause Myke was supposed to be at church at 5….

I woke up at 5 and I woke up Myke right away. Neither of us heard the alarm. My mom always used to tell me, if you don’t hear your alarm, whether it’s in the morning or for a nap, maybe it’s God and your body telling you that you needed the rest.

So we took hard naps this afternoon and I’m still kind of recovering and my leg is still hurting…

Just thought I would share this useless story for today. I’m sorry I didn’t write on Friday, I got off work at 4:30 and then went and had girls night with my girl Brie and our other friend and her roommate joined us later, Leslie (the one girlfriend who got engaged last). We watched Tangled and ate cookies and frosting and looked for venus for Leslie’s upcoming wedding. It was a night all three of us needed.

What was your weekend like? Have you ever slept so hard you missed an alarm? Maybe for something important?

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