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I swear, Friday comes so quickly sometimes it’s scary. But it is Friday and that means it’s time to high five!!

1. Tonight my husband and I are having a dinner movie night with The Muppets as our feature film. If you have not seen this movie, rent it now!! It is a wonderful, spectacular, energetic, fun movie for all ages. I watched Muppets all the time when I was little because my parents loved it. I’m so excited there is a movie I can show my kids with movie stars I know from my generation. It really is beautiful.
2. I get to clean the apartment!! I actually really do love cleaning, when it is not a big space. I enjoy putting on music and singing along, I did that at work when I was all by myself, I don’t see why I can’t do it in my own home. This time I think I’ll put on some Fraiser or some other TV show I adore…there are so many to chose from.

3. Myke is taking my to JC Penny to go wild and crazy in tomorrow. I’m so excited! There are few times where I’m like “must shop.” This weekend is one fo those times cause of the amazing things I found there at an amazing price!

4. It has been perfect weather all week. My best friend (who is getting married in August-see post) was here over the weekend while we were having our 3 days of rain (typical). Of course the day she leaves it starts to get nice and the next day was perfect weather. But no need to fear, she will have plenty of sun when she gets married, August in Sacramento..yow…

5. April is full of birthdays for me and my family and today is a special one. My sister turns 24 today. 24!! She is pretty awesome. In case you haven’t heard or have no idea who she is, she is volunteering for 10 months (comes back in November) in India for the fight against human trafficking (what is your sibling doing?..) If you are interested in her cause and hearing a little bit more, here is her blog. She is a pretty amazing young woman and she is going a lot fo good in the world and that is something that many people do not have the courage to do, so for that I commend her and applaud her. This is the third time my sister has been so far away from me on her birthday (she travels a lot) and it makes me sad, but I know she is with people that will make her day special, if not, then she will get plenty of love back home. Happy Birthday Sissy!!! I love you and miss you!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!  

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