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Oh my lanta, you all have no idea how much I need this Friday. Both Myke and I have had a pretty bad week. Things have happened that we have not expected and they have thrown us for loops and being separated every night is starting to take a toll on both of us.


Everything happens for a reason and we are taking it one step at a time, but enough about that-it’s time for..

HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY! Just because I have had a bad week, doesn’t mean there were a few good things that happened in between.

1. I have been going to the gym with my good friend Brie this week. We have been trying to go more often, let’s just say she is doing a fantastic job, I’m the one that needs to work on getting my butt to the gym a little more. However I am working on that and it will all be done by August 18 because Shan (my other best friend) is getting hitched that day 🙂

2. Speaking of Shan’s wedding, she sent me and the other wonderful bridesmaids the dress options and that just makes me what to work out even more. But they are all beautiful options. I will not post them just yet…we may have to wait until the wedding pictures 🙂

3.  My daddy came to visit me last night at work! This obviously isn’t normal, Dad was in town so he came to visit and he got to see where I work and he even brought me soem gifts from his other trip to New Orleans and some of my other items that still come to my parent’s house-oh the joys of the beginning of a marriage.

4. I have been watching Fraiser, this show has been getting me through this week. Amazing!

5. Myke and getting a much needed night together tonight. We are getting a pizza and watching Netflix and Fringe. 🙂 It’s going to be wonderful and a much needed night.

I hope you all have had a beautiful Friday and I hope you all have a better weekend!!

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