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Monday Updates…

This weekend was definitely a rollar coaster. This weekend Myke and I had some good times and som unfortunate not so good times. Here is a little bit about our story…
Friday night we sat together and tried to forget this whole week ever happened. Let me tell you at least what happened to me…
A little back story, my job where I work is a temporary job, which obviously means it is not permanent, well we thought we had a little more time…we found out this week my job is done May 15th. I can’t tell you the pit that filled my tummy as I was told this. So as of now Myke and I are scrambling to find me another job. That was the main thing we were trying to forget about. The good thing was we finished our third season of Fringe and I’m all caught up!! That’s the good news 🙂
The other dip that happened. We ended up not moving. This was actually something we were ok with-our whole journey with this apartment complex was its own little roller coaster. On our drive over to the apartment to pick up the keys, we decided that it wasn’t the right thing for us yet, especially because we don’t know what is going to happen with my job. We felt that all these roller coaster like events was God trying to tell us something. We prayed about it and talked to Myke’s parents and decided that we should stay where we are for the time being. It is going to be an interesting week and a half for me, but with God’s guidance-both Myke and I will be just fine. This is a time of testing.
However Saturday we helped a good friend move (and most likely doing the same thing next weekend) and at night we spent time with them and even made some new friends. It was a wonderful night. Sunday morning church was beautiful as always and the afternoon was precious time with my husband and South Park.
I’m sorry if this blog seemed like a sad one, but in the midst of bad things, there is always a little good!!
So if you know any jobs in the L.A. area let me know 🙂
I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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