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H54F: Prep Week

This week’s High Five for Friday is all about getting ready for the big move. Let’s just face it, next week is going to be busy with work and getting ready for the move on Saturday.

1. It is so close until the big move!! It’s so close I can taste it! It’s so exciting!

2. My work has been so helpful with the move. When I told them we were moving, they started giving me boxes and making sure I had enough to pack everything. We have a few tubs already, but you always need boxes for moving.

3. It’s time to start the packing. I like packing, surprisingly, and unpacking. Mostly because it means I get to organize everything and I love organizing, even though I don’t like moving.

4. Yesterday I went to visit my friend and we were talking about moving. She just recently moved into her new home and she is still unpacking and painting. Which is what Myke and I will be doing in a couple weeks.

5. Did I mention I’m moving next week?? I’m getting out of the studio apartment and into a real one bedroom and I can actually organize and decorate on my own! I can’t express how excited that makes me.


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