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Five Good Things

Please ignore Myke’s face…

I haven’t mentioned my birthday yet on this blog and it was a week ago. It was beautiful. Myke made me sit and do nothing all weekend. The only thing I did was go to the wedding, but he took care of me there. He took me to see Now You See Me. It was amazing! I would highly recommend it.

Late night runs to Bob’s Big Boy after Wednesday service always makes me happy.

Thursday night, Myke and I went and saw Oblivion at my work. They have employee screenings of films and this week was that one. Usually they are Paramount films, but sometimes they aren’t. It’s fun to go see movies in the glorious theatre. Myke was especially excited. The movie was actually really good. I went in not really expecting much, but I really enjoyed it.

From our last trip to Pismo

We are off to the beach!! We are going to Pismo Beach this weekend with my in-laws. Pismo hold a special place in my in-laws heart. I will tell you more about it when we get back.

Go get your freebie from Aubrey. There are two versions up, but the message is still the same. I love it, as always.

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