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H54F: Good Week

This week was actually a great week. Yes I worked a lot, but it actually was a pretty good week. Let’s go over the beautiful things that happened this week.

1. This Tuesday we were able to have our first people over for dinner. We made Myke’s rice balls, broccoli, and french bread. We attempted to make cookie pizza, but we ran into some issues, like thinking the powdered sugar we had was flour. It’s all good though, we had cake and ice cream left over from a party we went to on Monday.

2. My desk is almost done! We just need to make my bookcase a little more stable and then I can decorate!

3. Today is pay day, which always makes it a good day!

4. The SF Giants are in the World Series as we speak. So exciting!! They are up 2-0 currently and the next game is on Saturday. I love me some Giants!

Good luck boys!

5. So story time, when I was getting married, everyone (and I mean everyone) told me I should watch Bridesmaids. I never got around to seeing it, no other reason, I just never did. So Myke and I have been  keeping our eyes out for it. It hasn’t been on Netflix, Hulu or iTunes and we didn’t want to just buy the DVD before watching it. As luck would have it, it was on Cinemax last night and Myke recorded it! This made my night!

So excited to [finally] see this!

Our version of the famous picture


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