H54F: Birthday!

I thank God for today. I really do. I thank God that on August 10, 1989, Mychal Clements was born. Yes everyone, I’m so glad that High Five for Friday falls on my husband’s birthday. I know that I have probably talked your ear off about him, but it will only be one highlight of High Five for Friday 🙂

We did the whole room 🙂
1. This week, on my day off, I got to be with my best friend who just got a house! Super exciting! She wants to paint some rooms in the house, so we painted her bedroom. Oh goodness! It looks beautiful! It is a beautiful shade of blue and it is the exact color she wanted, which is what really matters. I’m so happy for her 🙂
2. Myke and I possibly found a place to move to…but we don’t know! So keep your fingers crossed!
3. Work is still going great, so for that I’m really excited for 🙂
4. I found a new trashy reality (scripted) show! Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Oh lord, they are so weird and so ridiculous. SO SO ridiculous. It cracks me up!However I’ll say it-Kourtney is my favorite by far. By far!
5. Now for the man of the hour, Mychal Clements. I love that he is alive and able to be my husband. I know that sounds funny to say, but it’s true. I love my husband so freaking much. Like I can’t explain how much I love this man. He is so amazing, sweet, and kind hearted. He helps with this blog and he has so many other passions including music. So I know I rave about him all the time, but it’s his birthday, so I can’t help it. I love him, what can I say. 
Myke, I love you.


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