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Awkwardly Awesome Thursday

Yes it’s that time again!! This days are always fun for me, I don’t know why-it’s just fun 🙂
Our laundry that we did last weekend is still laying on the couch…this week has just been so busy. So we have just been so busy this week…but we just pick what we want to wear for the day…man…we are just lazy…
I was working by myself for a while this week, about 99% of people said, “Bored yet?”
This past weekend, Myke and I tried a cute little date. We separated in the grocery store and bought items that we had to use in our dinner…half of it worked out and the other half not so much. Let’s just say-we had to maranate Dr. Pepper and rice….yeah we stopped and scrapped it.
This week, I got some day shifts at the coffeehouse and that means I have been home every night with Myke!! It has been so great to have dinner with my husband and watch Netflix together. I love my husband.
This week we have also been working out every night. Which has been so great! Today I get the joy of working out with my dear friend Brie. I really enjoy working out with her, we talk and we push each other, it’s a good mix.
This weekend is Easter. It’s a great time for us to think about what Jesus did for us and also a fun time for family. Myke’s parents are coming into town so that is always fun 🙂
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!

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