Awkwardly Awesome Thursday

So here’s the deal…

I’m still newish at this whole posting thing, but one thing that I have been taught to do by my sister is to read other people’s
My blog role models, Brittany and Sarah
blogs and maybe I can get ideas from them. Well that’s what I did…this came from the bog of my sister’s friend Brittany McInerney, whom surprisingly I have met only once. She is a very dear friend for my sister’s and she was also in her

wedding. Her wedding obviously happened while my wedding was being planned, so her wedding was mentioned a lot in our house. It was even on the family calendar (because Sarah was in her wedding and we had to note that she was gone). Anyway, she also has a blog and after reading it, I can tell that she and I would be good friends because she is doing a lot of the things that I would like to do with crafts and fashion (cause Lord knows I need help with fashion).

Mrs. Brittany McIerney wrote a post, then my sister “stole” the post, well now it’s my turn…
So ladies and gentleman…for the first time on this blog….
Awkwardly Awesome Thursday

  • In our small apartment, we have the tiniest kitchen I have ever seen…it’s awkward-but a funny awkward. Myke and I were baking a cake one time and we were both in there, we were bumping into each other, running into the fridge, trying to open the oven without burning the other person. Oh the joys of a first apartment! 🙂
  • We still do not have all our wedding presents in this apartment…my parents have them…one reason why I love my parents.
  • At my job I deal with awkward situations like telling people not to wear shoes in the coffee shop. I find it very silly that I have to tell people they need to wear shoes…and they fight me on it…yes they fight me on why it’s ok for them to not wear shoes inside. I want to look at them and be like you’re being disgusting.


  • I get 2 Valentine’s Days!!! Yes you hear me!!! 2!! Don’t worry-Myke isn’t just a huge romantic, the reason we are having 2 is because I work nights, so I will be working on February 14 obviously. So we are celebrating this Saturday and Myke said we can do a little something on the 14th…I’ll probably get a card, but that’s a good thing too 🙂
  • I finally hung our diplomas. Graduating college seems more real now.
  • This Friday Star Wars comes out in 3D. I’m excited because I get to see an awesome series in 3D. Awesome!!
Thank you Brittany for the post idea!!

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