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An Afternoon Tea

Last Saturday I had the pleasure of going to tea at the Scarlet Tea Room in Pasadena. This tea room is right across the street from my work, so I’ve passed by it so many times. I was so happy that I finally got to visit. I was joined by the women from my church and they were a joy. The Scarlet Tea Room is a restaurant, but specializes in tea. You can book an afternoon tea, which is what we did. This day beautiful and so much fun.
First things first, the look. 

Necklace: Target
Sweater: Target
Dress: Old, I think Nordstrom
Boots: Nordstrom
My hair was an idea that a friend told me I should do a couple years ago. I also discovered that it’s an awesome way to give your hair a great wave without heat.
Now the place.
Just outside the restaurant

The restaurant. I was sitting up against the wall.
The tea.
Pouring the Tea!

 The package that we got enabled us to get two teas, tea sandwiches, scones, and a fruit dessert. Everything was amazing. The two teas were a Black Mango Tea and a Green Tea with Passionfruit. I loved both, but if I had to be forced to pick one, it would be the Green Tea with Passionfruit, which says a lot because I’m not the biggest fan of green tea.

My beautiful cup and saucer. 
So fancy!

The food.
The sandwiches and scones 
The sandwiches flavors were so different. The ones that I had were amazing. There was the traditional cucumber sandwich. There was also a pear and gorgonzola sandwich that other people got before me! I tried one with bell peppers and it was really good! There were also sandwiches with brie cheese and some egg sandwiches (but I didn’t touch those). 
This is me being artsy
Cute arrangement

As you can tell, I didn’t like anything…
Very simple and delicious dessert. 

 This place is a little expensive, but I would definitely do it again. I’m hoping that I can eventually take my friend Brie with me. We both love tea and it would be a fun girl day 🙂 If you are in the L.A. area, you should check it out!


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