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Allison’s Holiday Guidelines

I love the holidays! I love the idea of the holidays, the family aspect, the holiday cheer, the holiday flavors at Starbucks, it’s all glorious. 
I should also say, when I say holiday season, I typically mean November through December. 
I’m kind of a weirdo when it comes to the holidays, I have all of these weird traditions and guidelines around the holidays that are annoying to most people, especially to poor Myke. 
Here are some of my weird things about the holiday season. 
1. The Christmas season does NOT start until after Thanksgiving. 
Hear me out on this one! I love Christmas, but I also adore Thanksgiving-even though a lot of people do not like Thanksgiving (Myke). My family runs a 5k at Thanksgiving and then we eat a big big dinner of course. Then we get ready for Christmas, which brings me to my next point…
2. Christmas decorations do not go up until Thanksgiving is done. 
I don’t care if we put them up on Thanksgiving day, I just would like to celebrate one holiday at a time. Is that too much to ask?
I only wish I could have a Christmas room like this! (Source)
3. No Christmas music before Thanksgiving.
This goes with the Christmas decoration thing. Please do not misunderstand, I LOVE Christmas music. I start listening to it Thanksgiving night and listen to it all through December, even after Christmas-but that sometimes makes me sad because that means I have to wait a whole year to listen to it again. One of my favorite Christmas albums: Relient K: Let It Snow and Let it Reindeer.

This is great driving music during the holiday season (source)

4. Decorate the Christmas tree together. 
This one has to do with my childhood. There was a time when I was younger that Mom would take down her Thanksgiving decorations and then on a Friday or Saturday, we would go Christmas tree shopping and then we would decorate the tree as a family. It’s a nice family memory that I would love to do with my kids some day.
This is the closest I could get to my version of my Christmas tree (source)
5. Christmas movies are a holiday must.
I love Christmas movies! So I like to have a movie weekend every December and watch a Christmas movie. Some of my favorites: A Christmas Story, It’s a Charlie Brown Christmas, Elf, Miracle on 34th Street, Love Actually, White Christmas, and the ever classic A Muppet Christmas Carol
Love love love Muppets! (source)
These are some of my weird “guidelines” for the holidays. Do you have any weird holiday quarks? 
Have a wonderful wonderful Wednesday!


  • Kimmyyy83

    Jeremy LOVES Christmas, he was obviously born with it in his blood since his birthday is on Christmas Eve. Well, this man had his Christmas tree up for THREE years before he met me. This year I suggested putting up the tree last weekend (mainly because of our crazy schedule) and he actually scoffed at me. Men!

    • Allison Clements

      Hahaha!! That is awesome! I love it! Post some pictures of the apartment once everything is up! I would love to see this Christmas Man in action 🙂

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