• A Quick Trip to Pismo Beach

    Pismo to us is a time to refresh and escape. So we were thrilled when Monday came and we packed up the car and headed to the central coast. We hit some traffic on the way there, so I'm super thankful Myke found this for the girls so they could watch veggie tales on an iPad after their naps in the car. Olivia did not nap, but she was silent and reading while Meghan napped…

  • OJ at Home

    Today on the vlog we have a milestone moment. Clements Chronicles presents the first vlog shot entirely by Allison. Be forewarned, it’s pretty much all Olivia, so you’ll explode with cuteness of it! Also premiering is the second round of OJ cam, the part of the vlog where with give OJ a little camera and see what she films. Enjoy, and may this help start your week off great! -Myke