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    A Bridal Shower

    This past weekend I got to help celebrate my cousin at her bridal shower. One of the many things I’m happy about living in Sacramento again is being near my family. If we were in LA, I wouldn’t have been able to make it to this shower, especially with OJ…

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    Labor Day 2018

    We’ve been a little quiet over here the last week. Two weeks ago, little OJ decided it would be good to practice her swan dive off the couch and ended up having a black eye. I felt awful so I just turned everything off and was just with her for…

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    OJ at Home

    Today on the vlog we have a milestone moment. Clements Chronicles presents the first vlog shot entirely by Allison. Be forewarned, it’s pretty much all Olivia, so you’ll explode with cuteness of it! Also premiering is the second round of OJ cam, the part of the vlog where with give…

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    Olivia Photoshoot

    Myke has been encouraging me to practice more with my camera. So I decided to just take pictures. No posing, just me clicking when I felt like it was the right time. I have to admit, it’s easy to take such good pictures when you have such a good little…

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    Being Back in Sac

    Being back in the town you grew up in can stir up all sorts of nostalgia. Whenever I drive down certain roads, memories will come back to me. One day last week, Olivia and I were driving back from visiting Myke at work and per usual, Olivia feel asleep. Since…

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    OJ’s Bookcase

    The one thing that my girls need to have in their rooms is a bookcase. I love the idea of them not only having books when I was young, but books that people give to them. Books have played such a big role in both Myke’s and my life and…

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    My Camera

    I love photos. I love the idea of freezing a moment in time. Especially now that I have a child, I find those moments come up a lot more often. What’s even more important is I know what moments are great to snap a picture and I know when the…

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    Mom Confessions

    Last week was hard. I’ve always known that there were going to be good and not so good seasons when you have a baby. This last week was one of those not so good ones. Olivia started waking up once every night and that was starting to take a toll…

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    Myke’s Birthday Celebration

    Myke’s birthday was on Friday and we had quite the celebration planned. About a month ago we saw that Barry Zito was going to be at the Rivercats game here is Sac. Since we want to go to more baseball games, we thought this was a golden opportunity. For those…

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    Happy Birthday Myke!

    My sweet husband. Today is your birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight. I’m so happy that you were born today.