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Valentines Day Love

Valentine’s Day in our house is usually pretty low key. I have zero issue with that. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the romantic night out, flowers, chocolates, movies, the whole nine yards, however Myke does those things for me year round, so my love tanks are constantly full. Myke puts up with my romantic tanks on Valentine’s Day, by taking me out to dinner. Instead of giving me flowers this year, he sent me chocolate covered strawberries at work. How cool is that?

For dinner, he decided he wanted to surprise me. He ended up taking me to BJs, if you have never been there-it is amazing! The food is unreal, they even brew their own Root Beer and Cream Soda. I had fish and chips and, as always, it was delicious. We skipped dessert because we were too full, so we decided to walk it off around DSW. I had been wanting a new purse for a while, so when my husband saw me eyeing a nice black purse, he grabbed it and walked to the register. Isn’t my husband amazing?

That wasn’t the only thing I got this Valentine’s Day.


Isn’t he amazing?

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