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New Computer

I’m a Mac girl. I have always been  Mac girl. My family has just always bought Mac computers, not really for any particular reason, they just always appreciated their products a little more. However, I have always used PC computers at work and other people’s homes so they aren’t foreign to me. So when it was time to give up my Mac computer, I was a little sad. I have had my laptop since I was a freshman in college. The battery has been changed twice and my hard drive crashed once. It has been dying for the past couple years, so it was time for a change no matter what.

We were originally going to get a MacBook Air, but then Myke and I started talking about getting me a smaller one, possibly a tablet. I eventually decided I wanted a laptop that could convert into a tablet. We felt that would fit my needs a little but more then an actual laptop. So we landed on the Dell Windows RT.

I love it!

I like that if I really wanted to I can take the screen and make it a tablet. One of the main reasons whey we bought this was so I can use it for church. Myke uses his iPad to store his music. We were going to do that eventually for me. So this now stores my music for when I play piano at church. 

I’m very satisfied with this purchase. If anyone is in the market for getting a new computer, I would highly recommend this one. Especially if you wanted to try a tablet. It does come with Microsoft Office, so even though I won’t use it as much as I did in school, but still handy to have because you never know where life is going to take me. 


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