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Myke with a Y

Mychal Clements and I have been together for about 5 years now, married for almost 2 now. I feel like I talk about him so much I have to write a post solely about him so you can see some reasons why I love him so much.


Goes by: Myke.

Job: a Digital Publication Specialist at Alfred Music Publishing Company

Has lived in: Sacramento, CA, Concord, CA, Peoria, AZ, Azusa, CA and now currently Encino, CA

Has visited: Catialina Island, Portland OR, Mexico, Pismo Beach, CA, and mostly all over CA

Wears: jeans, t-shirt, Chucks or other sneakers.

Eats: Anything that is in the fridge or Chipotle.

Watches: Anything in the Sci-Fi or comic book genre except Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactaca.

Prays for: His family

Isn’t a fan of: Peppy girls or fake people.

Wants: A puppy. More. Than. Anything.

Plays: Guitar, Drums, and anything on the computer.

Enjoys: Playing guitar, reading, and watching movies with me.

Loves: ME! His family, God, computers, and riding his bike.

Thanks to Aunie for the good idea 🙂


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