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Mackinac Island

So I’ve mentioned her in a few post, but I adore my Grandma. She has always been a sweet, kind, and understanding person and I love her to death. Well small history, Grandma grew up in Michigan and she has been back to visit a couple times. Well my mom, uncle, and aunt took Grandma back for another time and they visited the house Grandma grew up in and the church in which my mom and uncles were baptized.

I wanted to go and visit Michigan, but obviously I never had the time or the money. While visiting Grandma’s home town, they were to a place called Mackinac Island. I will tell you one thing about this place that made me want to visit the minute I heard.

There are no cars on the island.

No cars. There are are horse drawn carriages on the island that pick you up and take you to the hotel and to get around you can walk or ride bikes. How freaking awesome is that?!

Grandma is a photographer, but I haven’t seen them yet, but I did a little research on the place after my mom told me about it. Here are a few pictures of the island, thanks to Google and from the Grand Hotel website.

Horse carriages! Yes please!

How can you not think this is beautiful?
Grand Hotel, where they stayed 

Where is a place you want to visit? A place like this? Beach? Mountains? All the above?


  • Brittany

    That sounds really cool! Lately I’ve been getting this weird urge to visit either a great-lake state or a stereotypical New England state… I don’t know what it is but I just think it’d be really cool to stay in a rented cabin on the lake and go to general stores and buy lobster from the fishermen. Bizarre.

    • Allison

      I want to do those things too! That’s not bizarre! I wanted to go to a place like that for our honeymoon, but I’ve been wanting to go ever since my Grandma told me about where she grew up.
      I just like traveling and seeing new places, especially in the U.S. it’s just fun to see what’s around you 🙂

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