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It’s know what that means…

AWkwArdLY AWESOME Thursday!


-So I was somewhere, at a location that will be disclosed of course. A guy came up in front of me and I’m not kidding, a wave of weed smell just came over me…totally awkward!! I was coughing and it did not smell pleasant. Now don’t get me wrong-if that’s what you do please, do it-however, when you leave the area and the smell still lingering, that’s a little weary.

-When a man honks his horn at you and asks for your number when your husband is driving up the road to pick you up…I find that a little awkward. I’m not saying this to get brownie points in any way, I sincerely found that awkward.

-Nothing else really awkward happened, which is kinda nice 🙂


-Tonight my husband and his awesome band Hepafilter are playing in a hardcore show tonight and I’m very excited. What makes it even more awesome, is that it is taking place near where I work, so I can see them before and after the show and maybe sneak over and see them 🙂

-Myke and I will be going up north to spend some time with his family, which is going to be amazing.

-Today is the first day of March, which means it is my friend Rachel’s birthday!! 23 years old!! Happy Birthday dear friend! Plus this also marks the day of new Instagram Photo-A-Day Challenge. IF you are interested in the list, see yesterday’s post. Plus check my Twitter for updates. Thank you to Fat Mum Slim for the wonderful ideas!!

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