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Home Sweet Home and Coffee


I’ve been to Oregon a few times in my life and every single time I want to go back. The coffee alone makes me want to make the move tomorrow. However there is something about being home and in my own bed and getting back into my routine. Our trip was wonderful! It rained the whole time and it was glorious. The main reason for the trip was to attend Myke’s cousin’s wedding. We attended the wedding on Saturday and it was adorable and it was very fun.

I’ll share more about the trip later in the week, but for right now I’ll just show you my pictures of my amazing coffee experiences because coffee is a very important part of life and travel.

IMG_6966  Stumptown is amazing!IMG_7032

Coffee from the wedding-with the beautiful crest.


This was one of the best cappuccinos I’ve ever had.

IMG_7049 Now that I know Dutch Brothers in LA-I will be sure to go! Also, one of the guys that helped us went to my rival high school in Sacramento! #smallworld


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