Happy New Year!!

The last couple days I have been away from my computer, so I was unable to wish everyone a proper Happy New Year. But here it is!

Happy New Year, Blog World!

New Year’s Eve we went to our friends house and spent the whole night with him. We watched some movies and TV shows to help us stay up until midnight. It was a struggle for me since I was up pretty early that day for work. But I did it and rang in the new year with a kiss from the hubby. It was prefect in my eyes.

This is my new wallpaper. A nice little reminder for the start of a new year
Thanks Kinch Life for the wallpaper!

The next day, we all slept in and watched Toy Story 3 and then went to Denny’s for brunch. Then we ventured to Target to shop any sales, I wandered for a while, but didn’t find anything. But Target isn’t going anywhere, so I’m not too concerned.

Red Velvet hush puppies from Denny’s

My friend got on my case a little cause I was taking pictures.
I just told him I was a blogger…I had to 😉

In other blog news…

I am now an affiliate with a lovely wonderful shop called Shabby Apple.  Shabby Apple is an amazing awesome store with retro looking apparel (dresses, tops, skirts, jewelry, and even maternity clothes). There is actually still a little New Year’s sale that will be ending 1/31. 20% off site wide. That doesn’t sound too shabby to me. There is a link to right on the blog 🙂

I will also be doing a couple new series very soon.
One is going to be a book series. I haven’t come up with a clever name for it yet, but basically, I want to read at least one book a month during 2013. I would encourage everyone to join me in this small adventure. I will talk about the book throughout the month. And at the end of the month, I will be giving a book review in genreal.

My first book is the very popular Blog Inc. A wonderful book about blogging written by Joy Cho. I’m barely half way through and I’m already learning so much about how to make my blog better.


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