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Happy Day

I didn’t write yesterday and I know that, here is why: my husband had a day off, but I still had to work, so I spent the day with him. It was nice to a little extra time with him this week, so I was a happy girl yesterday.

Also yesterday, I got to see my sister. One thing that I’m proud of my sister for is what she stands up for. She has a heart for helping those in need and one way she is doing that is by going to India for 10 months and working with a company to fight against human trafficking. She will be gone for a while and I will miss her, but I know she will be doing good things when she is over there and that makes me happy as well.

One final thing that happened last night happened at work. I work with some pretty awesome people on Wednesday night, but one unfortunate thing about Wednesday night at our school is Kaleo. Kaleo is a chapel option that students can go to, now I’m not bashing Kaleo in any way, I enjoyed it while I was there, but when you work in a coffeehouse on campus and people start lining up for this chapel about a hour before, they want their coffee. So the two hour shift goes by super fast and we don’t have much time to catch up together-unless we talk over the obnoxiously loud noise that builds in the coffee house. However last night when I came back from my break i was telling on girl about my blog, she is a English major and is a writer herself. I love this girl-her name is Lauren, but us at the coffee house call her L-Bugg (her last name is Bugg). She didn’t know I had started a blog and she encouraged me to keep writing and I was really touched by that. She told me to say I’m a writer, because I am, I’m writing down thoughts and putting them on display for people to read. I laughed and said well I’m not a REAL writer, she looked at me and said, but your a writer  none the less.

So L-Bugg, just for you…

I, Allison Berry Clements, am a writer (and yes, I said it out loud as well) 🙂

Yup, yesterday was definitely a happy day.


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