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H54F: One Week to Thanksgiving

This week was a busy week for me. At my job, I closed every night, so it felt like I was back the job I had when we were first married. I would see Myke in the morning for a few minutes and then call him on my dinner break and talk about our days. However, I wasn’t coming home at 2am so that was a HUGE plus. So that positive story leads me into my weekly link up: High Five for Friday!

1. This week was a special week for Myke and I. Every Wednesday night, our church does a prayer worship service. Both of the pastors were out of town at a conference so they asked Myke to lead the worship part of the service. He was beyond excited and worked so hard on his worship set and how he wanted it to go. I got the amazing honor to sing with my husband, which is always fun. The best part was, it went beautifully and everyone did amazing. It was a beautiful night of worship.

2. A week from now is Black Friday. Myke and I might do what we did on our honeymoon, which is drive a ways and then stop when the crowds have dwindled down a little bit. We did that last year and we stopped at Best Buy last year and one of our biggest scores was The Big Bang Theory season 4 for $8. Yes please!

3. This was my Sunday morning adventure buddies. Along with their wonderful mom, we went and got the car washed and Starbucks to feed the kiddies. They are a great family.

4. This Saturday, my godparents are coming into town and taking us to dinner for our one year anniversary. I’m excited to see them and it’s always fun to go out to dinner. I’ll try to take pictures so you can see where we went.

5. Myke and I are celebrating our one year wedding anniversary this coming up Monday.

It’s one week to Thanksgiving!! Yay! Happy Friday everyone!


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