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H54F: New Beginnings

1. This week started off pretty well with me getting my first card order. Thank you notes for a friend of mine. It may not seem like that big of a deal, but everyone has to start somewhere 🙂

2. My dad’s birthday was on Wednesday. Even though I’m not with him, it’s still a day to celebrate my dad. I called him and like always we talked about everything going on. Both in Sac and in Myke’s and my life. He celebrated with new running shoes and an iPhone 4s. That’s my dad.

3. Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday. She is an inspiration to us all. She has been through one heck of a year and she deserves it all on her birthday. I’m super bummed we can’t be with her, but I know she is having a great day with her wonderful husband and she will be getting some heartfelt gifts from her kids. Happy Birthday Kim!

4. I came home from work with the biggest headache I haev had in a while. I felt like my head was going to split open. Myke felt bad and made me feel a little better by taking care of me when I got home. He gave me water and Advil, but nothing was really working. He asked me what I wanted, I said an brownie sundae. Now there’s a little story with that request. I had just come from working with my favorite co-worker and she and I had been talking about ice cream sundaes all night. We were annoying our boss all night about getting some ice cream. So I told Myke I wanted a brownie sundae. He asked me what I wanted on my sundae and I told him. He got out of bed, got dressed, and went and got me everything I needed to put together a brownie ice cream sundae. I told him not to, just because it was so late, but he insisted. I’m the luckiest girl in the world.


5. For the past week, Myke and I have been going back and forth about where we want to go with this blog, with our podcasts, and with Myke’s need to create videos and design projects. After a lot of thought, prayer, and nudging from the big guy upstairs, we have decided it’s time to launch Clements Media.
We are starting a media production company that will be producing most of our stuff, but hopefully will expand soon. This blog is obviously part of it, as well as Myke’s tech blog, two podcasts that we created, and Myke’s video and book making services. This is a project that we are both extremely excited about and hoping that we can help others and also help create more projects. For more information just go to


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