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Five Things (Friday the 13th)

2015-02-12 09.28.13


This picture is from yesterday, but I will be watching Blades of Glory today at work. Anyway, Happy Friday the 13th! If you are into that sort of thing, if not, Happy Friday! I’m so happy it is the weekend, even though I say that every single week. I feel like your week just dumps on you on Thursday afternoon just so that your Friday seems a little more special. My Fridays are always at least end on a good note because I’m usually with Myke in our home relaxing from the week. I’m happy to say that this week wasn’t as bad as the last couple have been. Maybe looking to the positive more has helped with that, but here are some other reasons why I’m excited it is this weekend in particular.


  1. It’s a three day weekend! Myke and I don’t have work on Monday due to President’s Day. We never have days off together, so I’m not sure what we’ll do, it will probably consist of sitting around doing nothing, but you never know with us.
  2. Valentine’s day is this Saturday! I don’t know if Myke has planned anything special, but I do know we are going to see the Kingsmen and I am ecstatic to see that.
  3. Sunday night after church, we get to go out! For those of you who don’t know Myke and I on a personal level, here is the super short story, our church acquired another church and we have been doing night services at a theatre in Burbank. We go to be supportive of our church and in the new chapter of this church’s life and Myke helps run sound.  It’s not a super late night, but it can be if you stay out after service. Since we don’t have work the next day, we can party it up!
  4. I’m almost done with Serial. I have one episode left and I will finish it tonight.
  5. Not only do I get a three day weekend, but I get a half day today. I get off of work at 1pm and I get to start my three day weekend off early.

Happy three day weekend everyone and Happy President’s Day!

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