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Fall To Do List

So today was the first actual day here in L.A. that felt like it was becoming fall. I say becoming fall weather because in L.A., we are lucky if we see fall the season. I hope we get more days like today because today felt amazing. It was sunny, but a little cooler. If felt so so good!

As I was driving home from work, and I got to thinking that we should really start some fall traditions. Fall is just about my favorite season, hence why I wanted to get married in November.

So I decided to go along with some of my other favorite bloggers and make a Fall To Do List, and start making a few traditions of our own.

I wish I lived hear a place like this

-Go to a Pumpkin Patch, this has to be on everyone’s list

-Go Apple Picking, I’ve always wanted to do this

-Make Apple Cider, I’ve always been intrigued by the idea.

-Attempt to make a pumpkin pie from scratch, key word being attempt

-Decorate our apartment for Fall, I’m inspired by our long time family friend. She decorates for EVERY holiday. I aspire to be her.

I’m praying for more days like today in L.A.! I would love to know what your fall activities are. Maybe we can all add a few things to our Fall to Do List.


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