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Date Night: Clements Style

Last week, Myke and I decided to go on a date night. It had been a long week and like a good husband, Myke promised a date night. We decided to go to Target, because that’s always a good idea, then off to Fleet Feet to get Myke sized for some new running shoes, last it was off to the Hotel Surplus Outlet. We had heard about this store from our pastor. His wife had found the store and they had gotten a couple good TVs for a discount and suggested we go check it out, just for fun.

We journeyed there, not really looking for anything in particular, we were always looking for a hutch for our china and a nice big coffee table. We walked around and found a few things that we were interested in. All of a sudden we saw this coffee table. It was beautiful! It was big, wood, and cheap, how does $35 sound? We bought it.


Obviously, it’s a little dinged up, but we had a plan. Com back tomorrow to see what we have done.


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