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Clements Do Florida Part 2: 1 Day to Go

Thank you very much for the well wishes via Facebook and messages! We had a beautiful night together with phones off. I will do a post later, but we are still talking about the amazing days in Florida.

Thursday morning came so quickly and we welcomed it with open arms. We woke up and got ready for our pedicures. My amazing mother in law gifted me a mani/pedi so I can go spend a little extra time with Niana. She also splurged on her sons. Yes, my husband and brother in law got pedicures! Taylor and Niana had decided to wash each other’s feet in the wedding ceremony and because of this we felt a Taylor needed a pedicure. Myke went along for moral support and they both loved it. They were weirded out, tickled, and loved it. Niana and I got matching colors on our toes and nails and her matron of honor matched our toes as well. After pedicures we went to our little afternoon of tea.

The rehearsal dinner was a blast. We went to a restaurant called the Colombian. It was dangerously delicious food and the dessert was to died for. My meal consisted of fried bacon wrapped shrimp. Un-freaking-believable. The bride and groom presented their gifts to their girls, guys and parents and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. After the dinner, the girls went to a hotel room and had a little party with games and gifts. It was a really nice night and I’m glad that she was able to have a fun night with her girls, that is what the night is all about.

Side note, I think this bridal party was about as solid as they come. I got to walk in with an amazing guy named Phil, a roommate of Taylor’s, and it I couldn’t walk in my Myke, I’m glad it was him. The entire bridal party was amazing, some of them knew each other before and Myke and I were family, so we were a little nervous fitting in, but everyone welcomed us and were super sweet and wonderful.

Some pictures from the night for your enjoyment.

2014-11-20 06.44.12
2014-11-20 06.44.09
2014-11-20 06.44.07
2014-11-20 06.44.02
2014-11-20 06.43.56
2014-11-20 06.43.53
2014-11-20 06.43.48
2014-11-20 06.43.45
2014-11-13 21.23.53
2014-11-13 20.47.51
2014-11-13 20.03.55
2014-11-13 18.04.39
2014-11-13 18.01.51
2014-11-13 16.41.39
2014-11-13 15.07.40


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