Another Check in the Yes Column

So for those of you who know me or my husband or read this blog in its entirety, you would know that my husband guitar and processor were stolen out of our car the weekend I went home to Sacramento a few weeks back. For the full story click here.

Well today I come home and started to clean a little bit before I start studying for my daily quiz (for my job training) when my phone rang. It was out apartment complex manager telling us that the night guard had found something in the corner of the parking garage. Of course I was like uh I don’t care if it is or isn’t I’m coming to check it out.

I sprinted to the office and he pulls out…Myke’s processor. Ladies and gentlemen, start the water works. I could not hold anything back. I called Myke and told him to hurry home and while I was waiting the manager told me the story:

The processor is home

The night guard wasn’t sure what it was, but it looked like someone had slipped it through the bars of the garage and left it there. He asked a couple fire men (who were there fixing some things) if they had forgotten some equipment, one of the firefighters who plays guitar told him that this was not only something for guitar, but very expensive (not really..)

So the guard called the manager because he remembered a young man had some guitar things stolen a while back and he was wondering if it was his. This all happened last night so the manager called us today.

People if you tell me that God does not answer prayer, I will laugh and ask if you are really asking. Myke and I had been praying that something would happen. We had actually prayed that we would get the processor back one way or another. The manager told us he had been praying for us too and he called the guard and he was so excited that it was our stuff (we kinda know him for when we come home at night).

Myke, me and the rest of the Clements Clan have a little saying-God is giving us No’s and Wait’s and when the Yes’s come we will know. Well guys, this is one for the YES column.

I hope everyone is have an even better day/night than I am!


  • Meredith ~ La Simple Bliss

    I thought I posted a comment on this yesterday…but I don’t see it SOOO I’m so happy you found your processor!! My hubby had a lot of work tools stolen, most of which were his dad’s and grandad’s who are no longer with us, and 6 or so months later the police found them, it made us SO happy.

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