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5am Work Outs

I’ve always been a lover of food. Simply based on yesterday’s post, we’ve been eating a lot of food in the past month. I’m no dummy, food usually means pounds on your body. So I have decided that especially if I’m going to be eating more of my baked goods, I’m going to need to get some exercise into my daily routine. I had been wanting to make this change for a little while now and it was about 2 weeks ago I decided to really do something about it. The following Monday I got up at 5am and walked for 30 minutes on my treadmill. I was exhausted and a little off when walking. I have been doing Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and some Saturdays. Slowly I’ve been walking a little faster and a little longer and I have felt so amazing!

I’m not shedding pounds, but I do feel lighter and better about myself in the morning. I don’t feel as guilty if I have a sweet later that day. I feel my mind is calmer and more focused through out the day. I’m able to be more open in my prayers and worship time in the car rather than feel tired and grumpy. I’m excited to continue doing this and the next step is working out while on vacation…that may take more strength than getting up at 5am.


This was from a run I did a couple Saturdays ago. Hopefully I can work out to doing a run in the morning, but that will be in the future.

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