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Weekend Video and Shows

Myke and I did not go see a movie this Friday, we attempted to go look at an apartment, but the office was closed so we just hung out and watched well “marathoned” Fringe. If you have never heard of the show, it is fantastic science fiction show that was created by J.J. Abrams, who also created Lost in case you didn’t make the connection. I can’t say too much abou the show except that you should watch it from the beginning because there are little stories of fighting science fiction crime, but there is an overal story that requires a little explaining and a lot of watching. It is currently in its fourth season, so we are catching up in third season-we own all of them. So far it is amazing and I encourage all of you to watch it! This weekend Myke and I also watched a few videos from the band Walk Off the Earth. The y make a lot of videos online mostly of covers of songs. One of the most popular ones is “Somebody I Used to Know” where they all play on one guitar. It was pretty awesome. The other one Myke found over the weekend was “Little Boxes.” We have been listening to these two and the other video (cover of “Someone Like You”) all weekend and we still enjoy them. The videos are below for you to enjoy as well. Have a great Monday everyone!!

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