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Thursday Post

I’m sorry everyone, today has been kind of a roller coaster. I had a good day, but some things have just hit me square in the face.

I don’t know if I’m happy or sad this is happening again. I don’t know if I’m being tested by God or someone is just having “fun” with me.

I keep telling myself I’m being tested. I’m being tested.

Sorry for the bland blog post. I feel really bad….so let’s think of something happy to write about…

Well I’m loving my little embosser machine! It’s so cute and so fun. I can’t wait to really start making cards! Have I ever mentioned that? I really want to make cards? I love making cards for people. I made most of the cards for my friends who got married this summer and I really enjoyed it. I’m trying to think of other cute little things to do that might make a little extra cash, not a lot, just some. I would be happy just making things all day. That and yoga 🙂

I’m really hoping tomorrow will be better and I really hope everyone is having a better week than me. 🙂

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