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The Weekend and the Year Plan

This is going to be a really good weekend. To start it all off, Saturday is my BIRTHDAY!

I’m turning 24. No milestones, but still.

Second, our friends Leslie and Troy are also getting married on Saturday. They were good friends from college and I’m so excited they invited us to the wedding.

Myke and I are heading south to El Cajon for the birthday/wedding bash.

It’s a great excuse to get away for a couple days. Myke and I of course don’t get away too often due to work schedules, but I’m glad we are able to have this opportunity.

Also with my birthday coming up, I got to thinking about the year before I turn the big 25. Some people make big lists of things they want to do. I made a similar list, it’s not too long, but it’s a list none the less.

Paint my apartment. By paint, I mean make our apartment more us. I would like to paint the apartment a few different colors. I also want to put up our pictures that we never got to putting up and do the crafts I haven’t been able to do because of finances. Hopefully this year will be the year.

Make my wants known at work. Many people who know me don’t think of me as a quiet person. However when it comes to work, I’m like a mouse. I’m not used to asking for things I want. So when my boss tells us that when we want to work on a specific job, just tell us. I was scared. I’m not used to asking for something, especially in the work place, and having someone actually listen to me.

Make time for my church. Since my job is part time, I’m going to try and spend a day or so at the church helping out when I can. Myke and I give 10% of our earnings to the church, but we also volunteer a lot of our time to things like the worship team and the children’s ministry. If I’m not working one day, I could volunteer more of my time. I’ve already done a little of it and it felt good helping out the people who have helped us out a lot too.

Make time for my husband. This doesn’t mean that I’m not spending time with Myke, I’m just trying to make even more time for him. I’m able to be home more at night so we are able to spend time together. I love that about this job! What’s funny is I feel like I have to schedule the time to be with him, but I would rather do that than not have any time at all.

Learn how to sew…again. I had been learning how to sew last year, but then I got a new job and that took over my life and then we moved and now that I have the ability to actually sit down and teach myself again, I’m going to do it.

Take more pictures. I just want to make more memories. Is that a crime? 🙂

Read 5 books. I used to read a lot as a kid. While I was living at home before the wedding, I read a few books and I realized how much I missed reading books for fun. So I decided to set the very small goal for myself of reading 5 fun books. That does not count books I’m reading to benefit work or the blog.

Start my store. I had been wanting to make a card store. I have a few orders to fill now, but with being sick and getting into work mode, I’ve fallen behind. I’m hoping that me starting off small and simple won’t bury me too much and I can grow as the year goes on. I know it will take a while for it to grow, but I’m willing to take that risk.

Continue Clements Media. Myke and I have been doing the podcasts and the blogs and we have actually been keeping up with it. If you haven’t already checked it out, please do! Click here for more info.

I have a year and 2 days to do this list. Let’s do this.

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