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Plaid and Bagpipes


My old home church is is a Presbyterian church, meaning part of our roots are in Scotland. Every year, we celebrate our heritage by having Kirkin of the Tartan. Tartan being the pattern of the plaid that represents what Scottish tribe you are from. This is where my love of plaid first came from and every year I look forward to this service. Mostly because every year, we get real bagpipers and they play “Amazing Grace” along with the organ and choir from our church. Just thinking about it gives me chills. I agree with my husband when he says bagpipes are one of the most annoying items on the planet, but when you hear “Amazing Grace” played on them, you can’t help but feel something.
Given the obvious fact that I am no longer living in Sacramento, I can’t help but feel a little sad when I don’t get to hear those lovely bagpipes, thank goodness for Facebook videos and pictures. However I still wear a little bit of plaid around this time, it’s tradition. I’m loving the plaid trend that happens around this time.






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