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Late Awkwardness and Awesome

Man, yesterday was just so crazy that I did not even have time to write my Awkward-Awesome Thursday Post.

So here it is!!!


-So at work a lot of people keep their work shoes in a cabinet, well that’s where I keep my jacket and purse…so at the end of the night part of me smells like feet :/

-I realized that I was uploading my Instagram pictures twice on my Facebook-my apologies to anyone who found that annoying cause I sure did…

-I slept in until 11am today…I like sleeping in, but oh lord…


-This week I have experienced God’s grace and answering of prayer not only for myself, but for many of my friends and family. Which is awesome!!

-This week I found out we will be joining Myke’s parents and brother for a little mini vacation next week. Hopefully I can take some pictures and such. I also found out that we will hopefully be going to my old Davis family (the whole side) vacation spot for the first time in a few years in May and I cannot be more excited!!

 -Today is also Film Friday and we will be going to see Safe House tonight and tomorrow we will be going to one of my favorite cities, Pasadena to meet up with Myke’s parents and an old friend of theirs. Which will be AWESOME

This weekend is going to be a full one, but it will be another good one 🙂

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