In August, Currently


These posts are always fun to do and to look back on. It’s fun to see what was going on, even if it was only a month ago. Today I’m sharing what is currently going on in the life of Allison. In August, I’m currently

ordering my dress for Taylor and Niana‘s wedding in November.

hoping to get seriously working out every day to look good for said wedding.

watching Arrested Development all over again. Myke is not the biggest fan of the show, so I watch it while he’s not around.

listening to John Mayer on Myke’s new turntable.

wearing a few gold bangles with my rose gold watch and two of my favorite rings with a great message.

using my Day Designer. I never thought having a planner like this could make me not as stressed about things. Everything is in one place. I love it.

planning the tea at church this weekend. I’m excited to show off my table to my mother-in-law.

eating cake cookies. This is a recipe that is awesome and not awesome to know. It’s super delicious, but you want to eat the whole thing. Myke found it online while looking for a childhood favorite.

drinking water and lemonade. There’s something about lemonade during the summer that is pure happiness.

enjoying my new purse that I got at Marshall’s. It’s big enough to fit my planner and everything I need. I swear to Pete, it doesn’t feel heavy on my shoulder.

recovering from Myke’s birthday. Being tired is no fun.





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