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H54F: Wedding Edition!

No sillies not my wedding. The other wedding I’ve been talking about in just about every single post! Everything good that happened to me this week had to do with the wedding (well except the last one…)

My dessert from the Bachelorette Party-Creme Brulee

1. The most exciting thing to happen this week is my best friend getting married tomorrow. I’m just so excited and today is her final day of being single!! Wahoo!! 🙂 Hopefully I can post a few behind the scenes pictures next week.

2. I got to fly home on Wednesday and relax Thursday at my old home. My parents are redoing the back deck and it looks amazing. Plus it’s good to get away from the sun. The sun is of course still around here, but it is in the mid 90s as opposed to the 100s in L.A.

3. A little update on last week, it of course was Myke’s birthday and we went to Chipotle and then Yard house the next night with our friends. Needless to say he was a happy camper this past weekend.

4. I got my nails done today! I got some cute flowers on my toes and some awesome white tips on my fingers. I’ve never had the white tips before, but I kinda like ’em 🙂

5. My hubby is driving in today-I haven’t seen him since Wednesday (I know, poor me). But it’s fun to have him in my home town and having fun with him.

My fingers

Pretty toe[nails]!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend because you all know I will be having a blast!!!


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