Oh lord, you have no idea how joyous I am it is Friday. So many things are happening this weekend though and so much as happened through the week…here’s a taste.

1. I officially ended my first week of training this week. It was stressful and FULL of A LOT of information that I still have to study for this weekend 🙁 but hey-I love it so far and I’m looking forward to actually starting work.

2. My Birchbox came this week!! Me being the person I was this week couldn’t write about it quick enough, but I will get to that next week. I have been testing them out so I could actually give a review. It’s my first one, so bare with me…

3. Our good friend is getting married tomorrow, which means wedding number one of summer and a good time will be had by us and our amazing friends.

4. Myke is taking me shopping this weekend, for job clothes-white shirts (button down) and some more black slacks…required at new job…but it will still be new clothes 🙂

5. Best for last. Today is my in-law’s 27th wedding anniversary. Obviously you have not met them, but they are two of the kindest, warmest, and funniest people I have ever met. They have (and still do teach) taught me and my husband things about marriage, faith, and life and we usually compare what is happening in our marriage to theirs. They have been through a rough year but let me say this, they have stood by each other and have never once given up on each other or God. Talk about amazing role models.

So Happy Anniversary to my wonderful and fabulous in-laws. Have a beautiful night! I love you both dearly.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 
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