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I’ve been feeling empty.

I haven’t posted the last few weeks. Mostly because I have been trying to write the perfect post. I don’t know why I would worry so much about writing the perfect post. At times I feel like everyone else has the perfect post for the day, except me. As I sit here with my chocolate milk typing these words, I’m nervous about who will read them and if they will come back for more.

It’s a hard thing to put yourself out there. I have the upmost respect for people who do it on a daily basis. You are putting your life out there for people to read and most likely judge.

It’s actually a terrifying prospect.

When I first started, I remember being extremely nervous about writing down my words. I remember I wrote a post about putting myself out there and actually starting to believe in myself that I was a writer and an actual blogger. I got the nastiest comment. This person said that I was a terrible writer, I should never refer to myself as a writer or even a blogger. When I read that my heart dropped, I cried and I cannot help but think of those words every time I don’t do a post or I don’t get any followers. That’s not what I’m trying to be about.

I have been trying to write more from the heart, so hopefully I won’t feel so empty.


  • limette

    I have to de-lurk to say that I enjoy reading your blog and think you are a good writer. I stumbled on your blog quite by accident, but have not regretted it. I hope you continue to post for years to come.

  • Brittany @ Brittany's Joy blog

    I’m sorry people are so hateful, ali. You are sweet and have a good heart and that comes out in your blog posts. We all doubt ourselves enough–there’s no need to put people down like that! Keep it up, sweetheart, you’re doing just fine.

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