• Starting a Side Business is Hard, Geese are Involved!

    starting a side business

    So, it's been a good long time since we have posted a video, but we've got a pretty sizable amount of content that's going to be rolling out in the next few months. We've taken this time to get a little more focused, a little more organized, and to build up our side business.

  • Clements Kitchen

    If there is one thing that we love, it is food. Since we have always been foodies on a budget, Myke wanted to bring some recipes to share with everyone. For our first episode we have a fun an relatively inexpensive pork taco recipe.

  • Christmas 2018

    This was the first Christmas that Myke and I did not have to travel since college, which is a big change for us. We were surprised how relaxed we were. Our plans were simple, we went to Myke’s parent’s for Christmas Eve and stayed at my parents Christmas Day. We got some great pictures from each day and have a fun video for your viewing pleasure.

  • Remember Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving is a bit of a blur for me. You all remember Thanksgiving-that one holiday right before Christmas. This year was a bit different for our family and I was 7 days post surgery and not only had trouble getting around, but was also pumping around the clock.

  • Welcome MJ

    “I think i’m pregnant” Allison said to me one April evening worry and dread on her face.  That thought had been eating away at her for  a few weeks now. It was entirely possible that less than a year after Olivia’s birth we could be pregnant again. Two kids back to back can be a daunting task even if you have lots of help and the financial resources to handle another mouth to feed. But…