• Lowepro BP 250 AW II – Review

    I have been looking and looking for a new camera bag. I have visited all of the local camera shops, read countless reviews online looking and hoping to find the perfect camera bag. One with enough room for what I need for Sunday mornings, Focus Video shoots, and for walking around and Vlogging with Allison. I finally pulled the trigger on a new bag as a birthday present to myself from myself. Specifically this one:…

  • Oh No Jury Duty! / You Need to Practice

    I’m choosing not to talk directly about my Jury Duty experience, instead let's talk about what I did on my lunch breaks on Tuesday and Wednesday of that week. I want you to remember this phrase:

  • Unemployment: 5 Tips for Surviving It

    Whether you saw the layoffs coming, or you’re getting fired right out of the blue, dealing with unemployment is a terrifying, confusing time. Myke has gone through it twice, so here are 5 tips for helping you survive and come out the other side while still holding onto your sanity! 1. Take a week off! You have experienced a kind of loss, because of this it is important that you allow yourself time to grieve!…

  • Starting a Side Business is Hard, Geese are Involved!

    starting a side business

    So, it's been a good long time since we have posted a video, but we've got a pretty sizable amount of content that's going to be rolling out in the next few months. We've taken this time to get a little more focused, a little more organized, and to build up our side business.

  • Folsom Lake in Photos

    Myke and I took the girls to Folsom Lake and took some beautiful pictures. It’s always nice to get away just the four of us and just enjoy nature and each other. What’s even sweeter is I can tell that Olivia enjoys it too. She gets both of us and her sister all to herself and that makes her a happy camper.