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13 hours of driving, 4 Red Bulls, and 2 Rockstar Lemonades Later

And we are there and back again!!
The last few days have been crazy busy! I have missed updating my blog, but between driving up to northern California and then going back and forth between two families, a little break was necessary. 
To give you idea of what our journey was, allow me to enlighten you.
December 24:
I had to work in the morning. So Myke drove me to work and while I was working, he cleaned the apartment, wrapped the gifts, and then packed up the car. We left around 1pm and got to my in-laws about 7pm, which is amazing timing! We opened our three gifts that night and. I visited my home church to not only see my best friend, but to attend our candle light service. It’s a nice way to welcome Christmas.
December 25:
We slept in. Finally!! Then we exchanged our simple gifts to one another as soon as we woke up. Then we did stockings with his family and then we had their traditional pork tacos. We then traveled to my grandma’s house for Christmas round 2! We had a lovely evening with lots and lots of food. 
December 26:
Per Clements tradition, we went to a movie. Movie of choice? The Hobbit. It was one long movie, but it was very well done. I’ll do a full movie review soon. After the movie, Myke and I started the adventure home. There was construction in two separate places on the highway, so it took us a little longer to get back. 
So our Christmas trip in stats:
Total hours of driving: 14
Gas stops: 4
Red Bulls for Myke: 4
Rockstar Lemonades for Allison: 2
Merry Christmas to all of you! I hope you had a wonderful wonderful day and time with family.


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