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    Happy One Year

    To two the sweetest people I know, one of the most beautiful couple I know. Happy one year wedding anniversary to Taylor and Niana. Have an amazing night celebrating your beautiful marriage. We love you both. Love, Us

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    Meet the Family [again]

    Since it’s been a while, I thought I would reintroduce my little family. Me! I’ve been writing this blog since Myke and I were first married and I found a couple blogs and fell in love. Here are five things you need to know about me: I love to bake.…

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    P Dunes 2015 Recap

      Sunday night while I was sitting in bed, I went through the photos that I have on my phone from this past weekend. I realized that I did not have very much. Actually the total came to 3 pictures from the whole weekend. I find it so sad that…

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    Apartment Makeover

    I love my apartment. We have been here for about 2 years now and we love the space and we love the area. Unfortunately, as much as I love to decorate, we never had the time or the resources to make our apartment go from our place of living, to…

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    Florida Part 2: Tea for Three

    Thursday was a very special day for me and my mother in law. We were unable to attend a wedding shower for Niana, so we wanted to do something special for her. Something that will welcome her into the Clements family in style. My mother in law and I adore…