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    We Visited Daddy at Work!

    My mom has her house cleaned every couple weeks and so to get out of their way, I take Olivia out for a few hours. For this particular afternoon’s adventure, we visited Myke at work. We were able to go to his office, meet everyone there, and put names to…

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    Olivia-9 Months Old

    Yesterday Olivia turned 9 months old. 39 weeks ago we drove to to the hospital and out popped Olivia. This little girl has been such a joy for us. Even when she teething, not sleeping, or doing something we told her not to do dozens of times, she is a…

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    Olivia’s Teeth

    We have two teeth, but we are starting to see one come in at the top…hence the fussy baby. Even though she does not look that fussy in these pictures..

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    Olivia’s Story: The Finale

    After we were able to start holding Olivia, she seemed to be on the mend. She was officially off the ventilator the day after we held her and then she was extubated. After a couple more weeks in the NICCU, we were moved up to the 5th floor of the…

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    Olivia’s Story: 12 Days Later

    About a week and a half later, Olivia started to make some strides. Her chest tube was taken out and then her oxygen levels slowly started to be lowered. Now when we arrived at the hospital, we had certain numbers to watch on monitors and we had certain goals. We…