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    When the Girls are Sick

    We just finished another round of sickness in our house. Luckily I did not get the bug, even though I spend all day with them. Unfortunately, it was mostly Meghan who got congested and a little cough. Olivia got away with just a light cough. When one gets sick, I…

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    Meghan at 11 Months

    MJ is 11 months old. This means that she will be one year old in one month, but I don’t want to think about that now. She surprised us all on the last day of vacation by pulling herself up on the table, which is something she has been doing…

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    A Typical Day with the Girls

    I’ve been a stay at home mom for a little over a year now. When I first started, it was mostly because when I was pregnant I didn’t feel comfortable applying for jobs just to leave them a few months later. I worked in recruitment in Human Resources, but I…

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    Meghan at 10 Months

    Meghan turned 10 months old this past weekend. We are gearing up to have a two-year-old on our hands, but it’s very easy to forget that we have an almost 1-year-old too. Meghan is really starting to come into her own and her personality is starting to come out. She…

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    Second Child Syndrome

    Has anyone else heard of second child syndrome? This became a running joke in my family growing up. If you are unfamiliar with this joke, it was usually said when I asked why my older sister would get to do something I didn't or had something that I didn't have.