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    Her Shows, His Shows, and Our Shows

    Early on in our marriage, we learned that we liked watching TV and movies together, but also that we sometimes have very different tastes. This can lead to one spouse sitting and looking at their phone, bored. This isn't great and can lead to distance in a relati

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    Second Child Syndrome

    Has anyone else heard of second child syndrome? This became a running joke in my family growing up. If you are unfamiliar with this joke, it was usually said when I asked why my older sister would get to do something I didn't or had something that I didn't have.

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    A Camera for Olivia

    This last month we bought Olivia a Camera. Not a toy camera, an actual camera that takes real photos! Kinda crazy right? She's only 2 what does she need an actual working camera for? Well here's the answer, we felt she was ready for one. We have an old iPhone…

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    Fearless OJ and the Trampoline

    They say that Daredevil is the "Man Without Fear" well, I think I've found the toddler without fear. Olivia is quite possibly the best kind of fearless, not the reckless, leap without looking over the edge fearless. She is sometimes cautious at the beginning of a new experience, not fearful,…

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    C Section Awareness

    April is c section awareness month. I never knew this until last April, months after my first c section. Before I had one, I thought that c sections were only needed because of an emergency situation or someone who just didn’t want to go into labor. I know that sounds…