Britt and Brent

On September 5, I had the honor to be a part of a wedding of a very dear friend of mine. I met Brittany when I first came to our church and she may have been younger than me, but we became pretty fast friends. She was dating the senior pastor’s brother-in-law at the time and September 5 was their much anticipated wedding day. There were many different events leading up to this day and it was just as beautiful as we could ever imagine.

Myke was unable to come to the actual wedding due to his school schedule, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t go and enjoy myself. I hitched a ride with my friends and we went to the hotel to get ready early in the day. I take ZERO credit for the way I looked that day. My two dear friends Melanie and Brigette did both my make up and hair because they know what their doing. I don’t really.

I was honored to be a bridesmaid in their wedding, so I wasn’t taking as many pictures as I would like, but here are some pictures of the day from the bridesmaid’s point of view.

Our gifts were earrings for the day of, a compact, and flip flops so we can wear them at the reception

 Reception time!! We were starving!!  We had chips and salsa and salads for appetizers. I had a filet for dinner and their dessert was cheesecake. Amazing food! I had my first Shirley Temple in forever! Well, I had a few…

 You can’t really see them, but Britt and Brent are in the back, but their nephew got in my way! 🙂 Plus ever since I was in my wedding, I have always felt for the bride and groom. You have hundreds of people wanting to take their picture with you and you are getting so so tired. So I decided to save them a little and didn’t get a picture with them. However, once I get the official pictures, I will show you 🙂

The day was amazing and I can’t wait to show you the official pictures. 
Thank you Britt and Brent for letting me be a part of your very special day. It was truly an honor!

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  • Brittany Joy

    Wow that food looks amazing! You looked really pretty too. Can’t wait to see the pictures–it looked like you had a gorgeous bridesmaid dress!

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