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    Happy Birthday Myke!

    My sweet husband. Today is your birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight. I’m so happy that you were born today.

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    We Visited Daddy at Work!

    My mom has her house cleaned every couple weeks and so to get out of their way, I take Olivia out for a few hours. For this particular afternoon’s adventure, we visited Myke at work. We were able to go to his office, meet everyone there, and put names to…

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    Monterey Getaway

    One of the many reasons we are happy to be back in northern California is the travel. We love that you can drive  45 minutes and be at a lake, but still feels like you are hours away. My brilliant in-laws wanted to take Myke and I to Monterey for…

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    Bacon + Butter and Old Sac (and a video!)

    This video is from Father’s Day weekend, which I know was a couple weeks ago. Myke’s parents wanted to get together since we now live so close. We went to this amazing place called Bacon and Butter. This place was amazing! The restaurant has a farmhouse feel including a large…

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    Father’s Day 2018

    We had a wonderful very low key Father’s Day. Since I knew it was going to be crowded no matter where we went, I attempted to go to a restaurant that I had been to in the past, Fox and Goose. Unfortunately, there were about 50 people outside of the…

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    What? When?

    I’m sure you all know by now. Myke and I will be parents in October 2017. Writing that is still hard to believe and I have to pinch myself to keep me from thinking I’m dreaming. When we started telling people that we were pregnant, many people had the same…

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    I’m Going to be an Aunt!

    A few months ago we got on Skype with Myke’s brother and wife, like it was any other call. I felt like there was something that they were going to tell us-but I didn’t know what. They asked us what was new (really guys?) and we told them and then…

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    P Dunes 2016

    May is a month I always look forward to simply because of my family weekend. My dad’s side of the family has been doing this trip for so long, it feel weird to not go. I will be flying up on tonight to be with Mom and Dad. Myke will…

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    Oregon Trails: Eugene

    More Oregon pictures! Friday night we took the 2 hour drive to Eugene. Friday night we went to the rehearsal dinner and had delicious pizza and said hello to family that I hadn’t seen since my own wedding. The next day we slept in, mostly to allow my brother and…

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    Oregon Trails: Portland

    Myke, me and his parents flew into Portland and spent the night at a hotel. Friday was spent in Portland and Myke’s brother and wife came in that morning. Portland will always hold a special place in my heart, especially that is where Myke and I went for our honeymoon.…