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    One Year Ago Today

    I just put Olivia down for a nap and decided to write a little something on this special day. I woke up this morning pretty sore. MJ decided late last night to show off her dancing skills and she enjoyed it so much, she did it all night. My whole…

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    Olivia’s First Birthday Party!

    We had Olivia’s first birthday party this weekend and it was a huge success, not only with her but for us as well. She was a gem through out the whole thing, but mostly because we put her down for a solid 2 hour nap before people arrived so she…

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    We Finally Got Rain

    Yesterday, we finally got some rain here in Sac! As former LA residents, we were very excited to see this rain. It was a great end to a great day. I was treated to a pregnancy massage by my mother in law at the beautiful Wine and Roses Spa in…

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    Happy Birthday Olivia

    I have to admit something I’m not proud of. This day does not hold the greatest memories for me. If you know or have read Olivia’s story on our blog, you will understand. I will say that the day was a good one in general, I got to meet my…

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    In One Week

    In one week I will have a 1 year old child and I will also be 32 weeks pregnant with my second. I still have a hard time wrapping my mind around that first part. I have spent one year raising another human.  When I was young I wondered from…

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    Labor Day 2018

    We’ve been a little quiet over here the last week. Two weeks ago, little OJ decided it would be good to practice her swan dive off the couch and ended up having a black eye. I felt awful so I just turned everything off and was just with her for…

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    Myke’s Birthday Celebration

    Myke’s birthday was on Friday and we had quite the celebration planned. About a month ago we saw that Barry Zito was going to be at the Rivercats game here is Sac. Since we want to go to more baseball games, we thought this was a golden opportunity. For those…

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    Happy Birthday Myke!

    My sweet husband. Today is your birthday and I can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight. I’m so happy that you were born today.