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    Coming Home

    A couple weekends ago we spent some time in downtown with my in laws. They have built up a cool little area around the new arena with restaurants and shops. It was nice to walk take in everything that has changed since I was last here. My mother and father…

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    Family Time

    I love that my family is complete. We have our two girls and it feels right. One of the silver linings of not having to work is being able to be with your kids. Myke has been working other jobs to help get some cash flow, but we have been…

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    A Day in the Rain

    One of the things I was most looking forward to being back in Sacramento was the rain. I know that sounds crazy, but I have always loved the rain and I wanted my girls to experience what I experienced growing up. Early last week, Olivia got a chance to go…

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    Meghan at 2 Months

    My baby is 2 months old. I can’t believe it has been 2 months since she has joined our family. She’s pretty active already. She pops her head up if she’s laying down or just being held so you really have to watch her and she is just learning to…

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    Christmas 2018

    This was the first Christmas that Myke and I did not have to travel since college, which is a big change for us. We were surprised how relaxed we were. Our plans were simple, we went to Myke’s parent’s for Christmas Eve and stayed at my parents Christmas Day. We…

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    Remember Thanksgiving?

    Thanksgiving is a bit of a blur for me. You all remember Thanksgiving-that one holiday right before Christmas. This year was a bit different for our family and I was 7 days post surgery and not only had trouble getting around, but was also pumping around the clock.

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    Hello everyone! We are back…well sort of. Our sweet little Meghan is one month old so we are going to start pushing content out once again and sharing how we are  adjusting to our new normal as a family of four and with two girls under two years old.  The…

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    Weekend Recap

    This past weekend, I watched my cousin get married. There is such something so special about seeing someone you love so dearly marry someone that make them so happy.  the original 3 I did not take as many pictures, but I took a few with some family. Myke stayed home…

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    One Year Ago Today

    I just put Olivia down for a nap and decided to write a little something on this special day. I woke up this morning pretty sore. MJ decided late last night to show off her dancing skills and she enjoyed it so much, she did it all night. My whole…