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    Reflections and Easter

    I’ve read through these last few posts a dozen times and I add and delete things every time. I don’t know if I will ever be able to perfectly pen how the 39 day process of getting Olivia home. I look back every now and then and my arms long…

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    Faith and God’s Word

    I’ve been writing down my prayers a lot more lately. I have found that I connect with my prayers more that way. The other day, I wrote about how God’s word never fails in the first chapter of Luke. For the word of God will never fail. Luke 1:37 (NLT)…

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    I’m Going to be an Aunt!

    A few months ago we got on Skype with Myke’s brother and wife, like it was any other call. I felt like there was something that they were going to tell us-but I didn’t know what. They asked us what was new (really guys?) and we told them and then…

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    It’s My 2.0

    Remember a while ago when I posted about trying to be a better version of me and I said that I had gotten the inspiration from my awesome pastor? Well it turns out, it’s also our annual theme at our church for the year 2016. God is calling not only…

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    Easter Sunday

    Easter Sunday went so well! My parents came into town and came to our church and it was a beautiful Sunday. Our pastor’s brother in law came to our service and took pictures. He’s so talented so be sure to check his stuff out.

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    Myke: The Graduate (Again)

    blurry selfie for the win Myke is a subject I will never grow tired of talking, he never ceases to amaze me. Many people don’t know that not only does Myke volunteer at our church, but he has just completed a year long program at our church that emphasizes in church…

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    Living in Community

    One of the things I love most about our church is the unity that is there. I have always been close with my church family, even when I was a part of another church. They were people that I was always drawn to, plus having Christ at the center of…

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    Life’s Curveballs

    I shared this picture a little while ago on Instagram with a caption about how the last few days have been difficult and I had a few people ask me what was going on and if we were okay. September started out wonderful by visiting our family and spending some…

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    Holland, The Netherlands

    When I was in high school, I had a wonderful opportunity to travel to Mexico twice and serve in an orphanage. Not only did it introduce me to the university I would call my alma mater, but it also planted the seed of travel and serving in my heart. I…